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How To Set Up A Gmail Account

These days, you gotta have an email account. It's simply the way the world communicates. Whether you're looking for a job, trying to find information, or just keeping in touch with friends, you need email. There are several free web-based email services, and you're welcome to choose whichever one you like. But we feel Gmail offers great service and will better prepare you for all your online communication. So, let's get started...

Step 1 
Type into the URL window or what's called the Address Bar at the top of the screen. (If you're starting on the main page you'll notice a link to Gmail at the top of the screen to the left.) 

Step 2
Click the big "create an account" button on the lower right hand side of the screen.

Step 3 
The next step is it's a lonnnnng step... but you only have to do it once.

Fill in your first and last names.

Create a login name. This has to be something that isn't already in use. Try some combinations of your first and last names, initials, etc. Try putting a period between your first and last name (Bob.Smith). Keep clicking "check availability" until you find a login name.

Choose a password. This needs to be a word or combination of words and numbers that isn't obvious to other, but that you can remember. ("Password" is a bad password. So is your name.) Try a favorite book or band name combined with your age or shoe size. 

The security question allows Google to confirm it's you if you need to ask them to remind you of your password. Answer one of the ones provided or make up your own. Again, it needs to be something that is easily remembered.

The recovery email is kind of a backup email. If you have a second email address, fill in this box. If not, just leave it blank.

Location should already say United States. If you live in a different country it may already have your country listed. If not, change it to your country.

Fill in your birthdate.

Type the string of letters you see into the box. (This is a security check to prevent computer-generated spam.) If you can't read the letters, click the "try different words" link to get new words. If you have speakers or headphones, there's an audio link. It may take a time or two to get it right, but don't give up. You need email!

The Terms of Service is your usual legal mumbo jumbo about service and privacy issues. If you're happy with their terms, click "I accept. Create my account" 

That's it!
Congratulations, you now have an email account! You've taken the first step in connecting with old and new friends. But wait, there's more! Once you have an email account you can spread out on lots of social media platforms. Set up a Facebook page! Chat with new pal on Twitter! Even start writing your own story with a blog on Wordpress! Check out the instructions on the website and join us!

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