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Advanced Keywords

Going through the process of optimizing a website for organic search or setting up a keyword pay per click campaign, can be time consuming. If you are going to go to the trouble, you want to be sure that you are optimizing for the *right* keywords. You want the keywords that will "convert". A conversion does not necessarily mean a sale, you may be willing to pay for traffic that results in downloads or sign-ups. The key is to find words that attract visitors interested in taking the action that you desire, whether this is a download, sale or sign-up.

Where to find additional keywords worth investing in:

Site Search Box
Collect and analyze data from the website's search box. Evaluate which unique terms are searched on within your website and at what frequency those terms are searched on. If you are able, determine which search terms were entered in the site search box that resulted in a website conversion.

Print Collateral
No sense in reinventing the wheel, determine what terms your marketing department is using in any print media or promotional collateral. Evaluate those keywords and optimize!

Look at the website itself, what words are currently used to describe the product or service offered?

Press Releases
Examine product and company press releases for keyword and keyword phrases. "Corporate speak" will use a different set of terminology, these phrases should not be ignored.

Phone Conversations
Listen to customers when they call regarding sales or support, what terms do they use when they inquire about your products or services?

Log Files
Examine log files and determine what keywords and phrases visitors are currently using in web search engines to find your website. Through your logs you may also find terms you want to use to exclude traffic in your pay per click campaign. If you are attracting traffic that is looking for something other than your product or service, you may want to use negative keyword terms to remove that traffic from your pay per click campaign.

Use a thesaurus to locate synonyms for keywords that are generating interest and conversions for your product or service.

Do not neglect the competition, just as you evaluate your existing promotional collateral you should also examine your competitor's website, promotional collateral, press releases, and advertisements. Take notice of the keywords and phrases they emphasize and pay for.

Forum Posts
Determine what words are used in forum posts to describe related products or services.

Evaluate customer email inquiries and determine what common keywords and phrases are used in conjunction with your products or services.

Using these sources you will be able to focus your search and find the keywords and phrases which will most effectively convert on your website.

Additional Keyword Tools and Techniques.

Developer Resource contains a large collection of software marketing tips.

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