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Search Engines Matter

Search Engines Matter
Statistics show that 80-95% of all web traffic originates from search engines. Need I say more? Search Engine Optimization matters! Search Engine Optimization (often referred to as SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website by improving organic or natural search results. As search engines become increasingly more competitive, websites that are able to distinguish themselves and appear in the top of web searches will prosper.

Optimizing the right keywords takes time, patience, and lots of research. Consider these factors when researching keywords for search engine optimization...

1. Competition
It is easier to obtain top ranking for keyword phrases that do not have a lot of competition. In other words, optimizing for terms or phrases that have fewer sites competing with them is easier. Some keyword tools not only assess the popularity and variations of a keyword, but also determine how many websites are competing for a specific term or phrase. Less competition means that it will be easier to obtain top ranking for a phrase.

2. Popular
The keyword term should be one that is searched on by a decent number of individuals. What is the point in optimizing a website for a keyword term or phrase that is so obscure that nobody ever searches for it? Sure, your site will be #1 in those search results... but nobody will ever see it because nobody will be searching for that particular term or phrase.

3. More Is Better
More and more searches are conducted using multiple words rather than single words. A common misconception about keywords is that optimizing for a single keyword will generate more traffic. Keep in mind that it is very difficult to obtain a good ranking for a single-word keyword. Keyword phrases that are 2-5 words in length tend to be more targeted, and will often perform far better than a single keyword term. Single-word keywords are generally too broad, and they also have too much competition. Consider optimizing your web pages for multi-word phrases.

4. Narrow Is Better Than Broad
Terms that are too broad may generate lots of traffic, but the traffic will likely not have a genuine or enthusiastic interest in the products you offer. The optimized keywords or phrases should be narrowly focused, but not to the point of being obscure.

5. Variants And Stemming
Integrate word variants and word stemming into your keyword list. Different search engines handle word variants and word stemming differently. Integrating different tenses and versions of a word throughout your website and sales copy will help you capture traffic, regardless of the word tense used in the search.

6. Related
The web pages within a website should all be optimized for related terms. Continuity throughout the website will help reinforce the legitimacy of a website, and will help it perform better in organic search engine rankings.

Take the time to learn about search engine optimization. The time will be well spent, and if done properly, the increased traffic that will likely result could turn into a steady stream of sales.

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