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Leave Google Places Reviews

How to leave a positive review of the exceptional service provided by a company you used.

  1. First Find the Busines.  I suggest you start by searching on the business name.  
  2. Look For the Map listing and click on Review Link as shown in the example below:
  3. You cannot make a listing without Signing in to an existing Google Account.  If you have one you can just sign in and skip to step 6 otherwise choose create Account as shown in the example Below:
  4. Again if you have and account you can sign in as detailed below if not click create account
  5. Fill out all account information below.  Please note, you no longer are required to create a gmail e-mail account to place reviews.  I suggest you create your accout using a familure username (Your e-mail address) and password.
  6. Once your account is created you may be forwarded back to the review page if not repeate Steps 1 to 3
  7. Now choose the Star Rating you wish to give the company.  The first review you place a the window shown below will appear.  Just click get started.
  8. You will be sent to a window that allows you to edit your name and photo.  Remember this only needs to be a short name, I suggest agains putting your full name here.   You can also add a photo if you wish.  Here is an example of what that window will look like.
  9. Once complete you will need to hit the back button to get to the listing. 
  10. You will now be able to place your review.  Don't worry this is much simpler the next time.
  11. Click the Star rating again and a text window will appear.  Place your review in the window, be sure to be clear and detailed.  Short reviews like "They are the coolest" are not very helpfull to other customers.  Tell them about your experiance and what you liked.  The example below will show you what it look like.
  12. Once your review is completed Click Publish And you are done!!!

Note to any business owner reading this post: If you cheat, Google WILL FIND OUT. You aren’t the first person to attempt to leave fake reviews. Google knows how many pieces of toilet paper you used to wipe your butt… any fake reviews will be “lost” when the algorithm discovers that the email address used for the review is owned by the business owner or if said fake review was published from the business owners IP address… every possible way to cheat the system has already been attempted and Google engineers have rewritten the code that runs the algorithm to screen out false reviews.

What happens if you do cheat?


Your listing will be degraded (not rank high) until the spam filter determines if those reviews are real or not.
You have no idea how many business owners call me to get their ranking back because they were overzealous in attempting to boost thier own rankings.

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